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What They Don’t tell you about Scribble Funnels (Review + Pricing )

Scribble funnels review +pricing

You have heard about Scribble Funnels, right? I guess the answer is Yes hence you are reading this review or maybe you are not sure if Scribble funnels are worth it for you or your business.

Then don’t worry I’m here to help you decide!

In this Scribble Funnels review, I will make sure you know what it is? is worth it in terms of pricing and the value? and how is it going to help you in your business?

What is Scribble Funnels?

Scribble Funnels is an affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one Sales Funnel Builder that has almost everything you need to run a successful online business. It’s not just a sales funnel builder but also a website builder, meaning that you can use Scribble Funnels to create websites.

To make you more clear on what is Scribble Funnels. These are Scribble Funnel’s popular alternatives:

  1. GrooveFunnels
  3. ClickFunnels

Scribble Funnels is an all-in-one software because it combines all the features of Mailchimp, Shopify, Sam Cart, Teachable, Kajabi, Calendly, Thrive Cart, Wix, and many more. So everything that this marketing software can do, Scribbles Funnel can do all alone!

Time is money 

To save yourself time , Click Here now and start your 14-Day Free Trial, you won’t be charged any money within these 14 days and you can cancel anytime within these 14 days. 

This gives you an opportunity to test the tools that his all-in-one software provides, For Free. Then after you can decide if you want to continue using Scribble funnels.

What is Scribble Funnel used for?

This is an introduction video of what is Scribble Funnels and what can you use the Software for:

Now that you understand what is Scribble funnels, now let’s understand an in-depth review of what is Scribble funnels used for, so you can be able to determine if you or your business needs this tool or not?

Here are a few things you can use Scribble Funnels for  :

  • To Create Websites and Funnels 
  • To Create Landing Pages 
  • Sell your online course
  • Email Marketing and Automation 
  • Sell digital and physical products
  • Write blogs
  • Create Membership site 
  • CRM
  • Bookings and appointments
  • Customizable Checkout 

I know this is a long list and there are still more things I left out, so it’s better you see all of them in action ,Go to Scribble Funnels

Now let’s take a look at an in-depth review of Scribble funnels features 

Scribble Funnels Review: Features

What makes Scribble Funnels to be considered to be one of the best alternatives to and Groove Funnels is that it has so many powerful marketing features or tools that have the potential to skyrocket your business year in one place.

Here are the features :

1. Page Builder

Uses of Scribble Funnels

The Scribble funnels platform is really simple to use. Without any coding knowledge, you can create full-fledged funnels, landing pages, bridge pages, squeeze pages, websites, and even e-commerce stores.

Here are examples of the pages

  • Opt-In Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Member Portals
  • Social Gates
  • Coming Soon
  • Review Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • About Me Pages
  • Full Websites
  • Training Series
  • Upsell Pages
  • Launch Pages

Elements of the Page Builder:

  • Drag & Drop Builder (No need to have a coding background to design pages, Scribble Funnels has the world’s smoothest drag-and-drop page builder).
  • Pop-up Builder (Create not only pages but also pop-ups that appear in response to specific events and rules.)
  • 30+ Widget Elements (Create unique pages using the widget elements, which may be customized and varied in a variety of ways.)
  • Header Builder (With unique widgets, layouts, and mobile responsiveness, Scribble Funnels has the most powerful header builder available)
  • SEO (Scribble Funnels got everything for amazing ranking — meta title/description, image descriptions, H tag organization,, and more.)

2.Start an eCommerce store

Scribble Funnels - Start an online store

Scribble Funnels store feature makes it simple to create an online shop. You can easily sell physical products, digital products, membership subscriptions and even your services.

Scribble Funnels allows you to sell anything, anywhere. This funnel builder allows you to create sophisticated pages, funnels, and ecommerce stores! just like on Shopify , but more advanced

Scribble funnels checkout

One thing I like about creating your online shop on Scribble Funnels , is that when you make a sale there is 0% Transaction Fees

To make your online store a sales machine , this funnel builder allows you to create:

  • Bump Offers (To boost the value of an order, you can add upsell bump offers shortly before it is completed.)
  • Discount Codes ( You are able to create discount codes for certain products or members, or set up automated discounts.
  • One-Click Upsells & Down-sells (With only a few clicks, you can create a new page and choose from hundreds of attractive page designs.)
  • Custom Checkouts ( You are able to customize your checkout page to the way you want )
  • Recurring Payments (Set your products to be subscriptions or paid on installments.)
  • Customer Profiles (Your customers have their own customer profiles where they can manage their information, orders, downloads, memberships, subscriptions, and more.)
  • Sales Funnels (You get already done sales funnel for you , you only just need to edit them. Perfectly designed templates for entire sections that allow you to create a page in less a minute.)
  • Product Variations (Create as many product variations as you want, each with its own SKU, quantity, pricing, photos, and other features.)
  • Payment Processors ( Scribble has over 15 Payment processer/methods )
  • Shipping Rules (Create shipping criteria for specific locations of the world depending on price or weight.)

3.Website & Sales Funnel Builder

As I have mentioned before that Scribble funnels is a Sales funnel builder .What I like the most about creating sales funnels on Scribble funnels is that you don’t need to have an IT background , after you register on Scribble Funnels you will you will get different types of Sales funnel that are already created , you then just need to edit things like , colour, text, logo, images , videos. 

>>Start your free 14 day Trial and test this powerful software.

Bare in mind that you can also create websites using Scribble Funnels and get FREE hosting .

These are the features that make Scribble funnels one of the best Website and funnel builder

  • 100+ Funnel Templates ( There are over 100 sales funnel templates already built. These amazing lead generating and sales funnel templates to help you achieve your objectives in no time.)
  • Websites & Funnels ( Your funnels can be standalone with their own domain or integrated into a website to function together seamlessly.)
  • A/B Testing (Scribble funnels allows you to split test your funnel’s pages and pop-ups to find what performs best for converting more people (done with 2 clicks).
  • Funnel Analytics (You are able to view the distribution of traffic in your steps, as well as conversion rates, sales, and subscriptions generated by your sales funnel.)
  • Domain Connection ( You will be able connect a domain to every funnel just like a regular website.)
  • Funnel Sharing ( Funnel sharing is one of the must have features for a sales funnel builder and Scribble funnels has exactly that .using this feature you will be able to share your funnels with others so they can develop a funnel and process that is identical to yours.)
  • Admins (Invite customers or team members to individual funnels to manage.)

If you work with Sales funnels then Scribble funnels is perfect for you .I like how it is so simple and easy to create funnels , and how you can easily add order bumps , upsells and down-sells in order to increase your conversion rate.


Tip: Scribble funnels gives a Free 14 day trial to test the software , so the best way is to start the free trial and test all the tools .If you don’t like the software you can cancel within this 14 days and you won’t be charged , but I bet you will like it 🙂

4.Email Marketing & Automations

Email Marketing : Scribble funnels

This feature of Email Marketing and Automations , it’s more like Mailchimp (or any email marketing software ) that is inside Scribble funnels , that’s how powerful Scribble funnels is .

Here are the sub features that makes Scribble Funnels email marketing great.

  • A/B Testing (Find out which email campaign brings you the most success , by split testing 2 variations of emails )
  • Goals (Conversion Tracking) –Set goals for your automation flow to help you track how effective it is.
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder –Scribble Funnels provides it’s users with a drag-and-drop email builder, so you can create stunning emails.
  • Great Deliverability — If the email marketing software you are using does not have a great deliverability rate , your emails that you send to your lists , will always land on spam folders .With Amazon SES, Scribble funnels keep their email servers in good shape to ensure optimum deliverability.
  • Create lists
  • Create segments
  • Condition Logic-Separate your flow into sub-flows based on the tasks they do.
  • Detailed Analytics- You get detailed analytics such as how many people viewed your email , open rate , deliverability rate e.t.c . This way you will be able to improve your understanding of how your campaigns and automations function and how to improve them.
  • Subscribers Import — You might be using another email marketing software but you are afraid that you will lose your subscribers when you switch to Scribble funnels, relax you will be able to import your subscribers
  • Mobile Responsive Templates — Email templates are mobile friendly 
  • Automation Flows- Build automations with delays, condition logic, emails, and more using an easy flow builder.


  • Segmentation (Add filters to your contacts and segment them based on the parameters you specify.)
  • User Profiles (Each contact has its own profile, which includes properties, tags, and a history of activities.)
  • Tags (To make it easier to segment your contacts and leads, you are able to create tags.)
  • Custom Properties (You will be able to create properties for each contact that may be utilized in forms, checkouts, and quizzes)
  • Memberships (You can easily organize your membership groups and the people who belong to them.)
  • Form Submits — You will be able to see all the see all the submits from all your forms on your website or funnel so you never miss a message.


  • Event Creation (Create events where your audience can schedule an appointment.)
  • Operators (Make your appointment operators and set their availability.)
  • Services (Allow users to choose from a variety of services, each with its own set of details and length.)
  • One-on-One Meetings (Users can set up a one-on-one meeting with the operator)
  • Group Meetings (Scribble funnels makes it easy to conduct group meetings , you will be able to set a restriction on the number of individuals that can attend, and numerous people can sign up for the same time slot.)
  • Calendar Connection ( And the good thing with this is that you can connect your Google Calendar to an operator to check for availability and create an event)
  • Auto-Assign (If you have more than 1 operator for the appointment, you can auto-assign which one to be scheduled to.)
  • Schedule ( You will be able to filter by operator, event, or service to see all upcoming appointments.)
  • Meeting Buffers ( To avoid the issue of overbooking, you are able to add buffer between the appointment slots .)
  • Responsive Widget (You also get a custom widget that allows you to embed the calendar and booking process anywhere on your website.)
  • Tagging ( Tag users who are making an appointment or, even better, the different services they choose ahead of time.)

I hope I have made an indepth review  of Scribble funnels features .

Scribble Funnels Pricing


Scribble Funnels has a free 14 day trial and does not have a Free Plan. Its pricing starts from $54,97 to $237 per month based on the plan you choose. There are 4 plans including Business , Business(Done For You!) , Growth , Growth (Done For You!)

Below is the review of all pricing plans of Scribble funnels , with features that you get on each plan so you can be able to decide which plan is right for you.


Price : $57,97/month (when you pay month -to-month) and $49,97/month when you chose to pay annually.

These are the features that you get when you choose the Business plan

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Up to 60GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 5 Website Admins
  • 5 Funnels
  • 1 Website
  • Free Hosting
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Priority Support
  • Up to 100 Store Products
  • Up to 200 Website Members
  • 2 Booking Operators
  • 4 Booking Services
  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • Email Marketing, Automations & Workflows
  • FREE Access to Academy

2.Business (Done For You)

Price : $179.97/month (when you pay month -to-month) and $139.97/month when you chose to pay annually.

As a Bonus for choosing this plan , Scribble Funnels will design and create 1 Sales Funnel for your Product or Service .They do everything from writing the copy, designing & setting you up for launch.

These are the features that you get when you choose the Business plan (Done For You)

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Storage is unlimited.
  • Bandwidth of up to 60 GB
  • There can be up to 5 website administrators.
  • A total of five funnels
  • 1 website
  • Hosting is provided for free.
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Priority Support
  • Up to 100 Products in the Store
  • 200 Members on the Website
  • 2 Booking Service Providers
  • 4 Reservation Services
  • Transaction Fees are 0%.
  • Workflows, Automations, and Email Marketing
  • Access to the Academy is completely free.



  • $87.00/month (annual)
  • $97.00/month-to-month

Here is everything you get when you sign up for the growth plan:

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Up to 120GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 10 Website Admins
  • 30 Funnels
  • 3 Website
  • Free TLD Domain and Hosting
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Store Products
  • Up to 500 Website Members
  • 5 Booking Operators
  • 10 Booking Services
  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • Email Marketing, Automations & Workflows
  • FREE Access to Academy

4.Growth (Done For You)

Price : 

  • $184.97/month (annual)
  • $237.00/month-to-month

Just like on the Business (Done For You) plan ,on this plan Scribble Funnels will design and create 1 Sales Funnel for your Product or Service .They do everything from writing the copy, designing & setting you up for launch.

These are the features that you get when you choose the Growth (Done For You)

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Up to 120GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 10 Website Admins
  • 30 Funnels
  • 3 Website
  • Free TLD Domain and Hosting
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Store Products
  • Up to 5000 Website Members
  • 5 Booking Operators
  • 10 Booking Services
  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • Email Marketing, Automations & Workflows
  • FREE Access to Academy.

Tip: Scribble funnels offers a 14-day free trial to test the software, so the best approach to get started is to sign up for the free trial and try out all of the features. If you don’t like the software, you can cancel within the first 14 days and you won’t be charged, but I’m confident you will like the software .

Scribble Funnels Vs ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels has been in the game for too long compared to Scribble Funnels and they still continues to impress with it’s powerful marketing tools. But to be honest is somehow very expensive compared to Scribble funnels and other sales funnel builders.

Scribble Funnels is affordable , even though it is  not perfect as yet , but has powerful marketing tools that get’s the job done easy !

Scribble Funnels Vs

When you compare these two all-in-one softwares in terms of pricing , Scribble funnels is more expensive than who has a Free Plan. paid plan starts at $27/month and you can create up to 10 Sales Funnels while as on Scribble funnels $54,97 per month you can only create up to 5 Sales funnel .

Both Scribble Funnels and are good marketing tools.>>Check<<

Scribble Funnels FAQ's

Is Scribble Funnels Free?

Scribble Funnels does not have a Free plan but instead they have a 14 day free trial .Their paid plans start at $54.97/month .

Is Scribble Funnel worth it?

I would say there’s a lot of potential in this platform.Scribble Funnels even though is not popular for now , the software has a lot of value for marketers that want to improve their internet brand. That’s my opinion ,in order to see if scribble funnels is worth it , then take the >>14 day free trial<<

What is Scribble Funnels used For ?

Scribble Funnels is an all-in-one Website and Sales Funnel builder. Using the software , you are able to create Landing Pages , Websites , Sales Funnels , Optin Pages , create an online store , email marketing e.t.c


To sum up this Scribble Funnels review, the software makes running an internet business easier, more convenient, and more practical. Rather than making things difficult. And mostly importantly Affordable. 

I hope this review answered all the questions you had about Srcibble Funnels from Features to Pricing. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.