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What Is Moosend Used For? Is It Great Or Not?

What Is Moosend Used For?

Moosend Homepage

Moosend is used for creating email campaigns to spread information about your business or any other thing. It is used when you want to send multiple emails all at once to many people. The number of people varies, it can be 500 or 100 000 or more. The prices defer for people depending on the number of audience they have.

Moosend is also used for automating your email campaigns. For an example, if you want to send out the message “Hello Rob” followed by the message “Click here” only if they opened the first email which was “Hello Rob”. 

And if they did not open the email “Hello Rob” you would want the software to resend this message again as many times as you want until the person opens it before sending the particular person the second email which is “Click Here”.

Moosend allows you to automate your emails in multiple different ways you can think of, making you dominate over many competitors in your business industry. Moreover you can create stunning landing pages which we will talk more about on this article.

What Can You Do With Moosend ?

moosend face

The are a variety of things you can do with Moosend, but let’s start with one. You can create segmentations with Moosend. This means that you can divide your subscribers emails into multiple different groups.

What Is Segmentation?

Segmentation is the process of dividing your emails to groups which you can target with related content to their interests. Let’s make a quick example. You have a store that sells fruits. You have all of your customers emails. 

You’ve been recording your customers from their past actions on which fruit each of them prefers buying. When it comes to segmentation this means that you can divide your customers emails into groups like whether they like apples only, bananas only, or whether they like a combination of other fruits.

This will become beneficial when you sending out emails to be able to target a specific segment of emails with related content from their interests or previous activity. This is done to increase the chances of convincing your customers to purchase one of your fruits in your store. Therefore, you can use Moosend to do that in multiple different ways. It is super easy to use their features and they will scale up your business drastically.

The second thing that Moosend can be used for is  creating  landing pages. Now lets move on to the landing page feature to explain it further.

What Is A Landing Page?

Moosend landing page

A landing page is simply a webpage that you refer people to. This  page  is a stand alone page meaning that it is not a page that belongs to any particular websites. These pages are used to promote certain product or service or even to refer people to webinars. They can be used for people to join in on a certain group of like minded people or anything close to the range we’re taking about.

They usually consist of a catchy headline, easy to read paragraph which are written in a highly convincing way to win over people to whatever they promote. On a landing page there are links in which people are convinced to press. These links are usually for the things advertised. After the button is pressed it will take you to the next payment page of the landing page. In some cases you will be redirected to another website where you can take additional steps from there. 

You can use Moosend to create beautiful looking landing pages which attract potential customers. Moosend has an amazing drag and drop feature which is easy to use. Their  drag and drop feature is smooth to  use and will allow you to edit almost every element you could think of. 

This way, in just a  few minutes you can create high converting landing pages that will bring  in a lot of customers. Not only that, you will create high quality and stunning landing pages which potential clients  wont be able to resist but continue taking a look to the service you’re providing.

Press the button below and get yourself a Moosend free account below to see what we’re talking about:

Moreover Moosend is used for Marketing Automations. Lets talk more about this on below.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Moosend Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is simply the process of managing your marketing tools which you used to perform a certain task automatically. This is done using software’s . One of the software’s that we trust in which you can be able to do this is Moosend. Moosend can be used to automate your marketing in multiple different ways from automating when your emails should be sent, to which email should be sent after a specific action is done by your subscriber.

Marketing Automation is really important to be time efficient and also manage everything with minimal errors than when everything is managed by a human. Getting more time out of managing your email campaigns can be very beneficial not in term of only reducing error but it would give you more time to plan out future emails and focus on your overall business in general. 

With Moosend with just a Pro plan account you can make this process a whole lot easier. With just a very small amount you can get your business fully functional online and multiply your sales. Checkout the pricing below:

What Is Moosend Pricing?

Moosend pricing varies from a free trial which costs $0 for the first 30 days, to a Pro plan that costs a minimum of $9 per month to the Enterprise plan which is custom and will depend on the features you need for your company. Therefore you can negotiate a quote for this plan. However we have a visual Moosend pricing below where you can press the buttons to take the plan you want to try out:

Free Trial

$0 / month(Try this plan for all features free for 30 days)
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Automation Workflows
  • 1x Landing Page / 1x Form
  • SMTP Server

Pro Plan

$9 / month(For only 0-500 subscribers which is the minimum amount for this specific amount of subscribers)
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Automation Workflows
  • Landing Pages / Forms
  • SMTP Server
  • Account Manager

Enterprise Plan

Custom Plan with all you ever need
  • All Pro features
  • Account Manager
  • Priority Support
  • SSO & SAML
  • Dedicated IP

As you can see from the pricing above, Moosend is very affordable compared to other email marketing tools software’s. And while we are not drifting away from what Moosend is used for, let us  look at one of the most important aspects when using an email marketing tool.

What Is Moosends Deliverability?

As Moosend is also used for email marketing deliverability becomes very vital. We ran a test of Moosends deliverability on our email list. We found the deliverability percentage to be :

Deliverability Rating
Poor Perfect

We found Moosend to have a deliverability rating of 80% which is really good for a software which is this affordable  and for other expensive software too.

Just for clarities sake, let us explain what deliverability is and why it is important when we are talking about what Moosend is used for. Deliverability is the measure of how many emails were delivered successfully to your subscribers inbox

Deliverability is very  important because if it happens you have an email marketing tool software which has a poor deliverability rating. This means that most of the emails you send will lend to your subscribers spam folder or junk folder. Almost no one opens their spam folder. Therefore this would mean very few to no people would open your emails.

In other cases during these email deliverability tests the results might be incorrect since deliverability is affected by many factors starting from the content you are writing to whether or not the people you are sending the emails to had subscribed to your newsfeed. Therefore make sure you keep clean email writing ethics for better email deliverability e.g. don’t spam.

Not only this, email deliverability depends on  forever changing market conditions. Email marketing software’s have to keep  up with changing algorithms to maintain their highest level of deliverability. Moosend has 10 years of email deliverability currently which means you  can put trust on them, they are not new to this.

What Is Moosend Used For Overall?

Moosend is used to create high quality email campaigns which can be easily automated with the software and stunning landing pages that are high converting. These features are all under a very affordable budget over many other email marketing tools. You can track and analyse your efforts and adjust your strategy according to what worked and what did not work.

Therefore get yourself a Moosend account below, whether its a free trial, Pro plan or the Enterprise plan.

If you want to check out more content with the highest quality related to the article “What Is Moosend Used For?” , go ahead and checkout this article here to see whether AWeber would be a better alternative to your business. We, as the IndepthMarkets team we wish you the best of sales online.

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