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ActiveCampaign Review All you need to know, Pricing, Features, Quality)

ActiveCampaign Review -All You Need To Know (Pricing, Features, Quality)

ActiveCampaign Review

Before moving on and getting an ActiveCampaign plan blindly let us inform you about a few things.

In this article we will share our experience with the software, our dislikes and likes, how good the software is and what features it consists of. Moreover we will dive deeply to how certain features work and who they work best for or who can use them as well as take a look at the pricing of the software.

We will dive deeply in this ActiveCampaign Review and talk about the deliverability of the email feature where we will be giving the deliverability a rating score. Moreover we will talk about the user interphase in terms of how difficult and easy it is to use the software.

We will finish off this review with how good ActiveCampaigns customer support is and whether or not it is worth it for you to use ActiveCampaign.

What Is ActiveCampaign Good For?

ActiveCampaign is very good for designing and creating email marketing campaigns that are good looking and engaging in just a simple few clicks with no coding required. It is very good for creating simple to advanced automations for your campaigns. 

It is also good in terms of being able to deliver your emails with one of the highest deliverability ratings to your subscribers. We will take a more in depth look at the deliverability as the article progresses.

ActiveCampaign features

1. Email Designer

Email designer ActiveCampaign

This is an amazing tool that saves you a lot of time when using the software. You can create personalized and targeted emails in a few minutes.

The most exciting thing is that no coding is required, you just use their drag and drop feature to create and design the emails of your choice.

There’s also an amazing feature called the conditional content blocking which is very useful when you want to create targeted emails. It is very simple to use while it is also helpful.

It works in such a way that, when your contact opens your email and matches the condition you put out on the conditional content blocking they will be able to view the specific content you’ve created for them.

2. Split Testing

Split Testing ActiveCampaign

Split testing comes in as a quite handy strategic approach when you want to increase the efficiency of your automotive follow ups.

You can split your contacts on different paths you want them to take with a simple drag and drop action. Moreover, you can link them back together after a certain action has been done with a simple roping feature which takes less than a second to use. ActiveCampaign is that efficient.

You can choose whether you want an even or a conditional split depending on how you want to observe the effectiveness of your automotive follow-ups.

3. SMS Messaging

sms messaging ActiveCampaign

With this feature you can create 3 different things.

You just have to love ActiveCampaign when you can use a drag and drop feature for almost everything because even for the SMS messaging feature you just drag and drop a ‘send SMS’ action to your sequence where you can personalize the text using personalisation tags and when you want it to be sent.

4. Lead Scoring

Lead scoring ActiveCampaign

Now this feature is one of the most important features everyone needs to consider when choosing an email marketing software. To increase the effectiveness of the messages or emails you send out to your contacts you definitely need to know how they will react. Or at least have a probability or prediction of how they would react.

Lead scoring works in such a way where you can set out rules and goals for the messages or emails you send out to your contacts. With these rules you can setup ActiveCampaign for lead scoring to put out points on your contacts depending on how they react to the content you sent them. 

This way you can be able to target a certain group of contact who are more likely to engage  with your content. Or in some cases you can create emails specifically targeted to contacts with lower scores to try and get them to engage.

5.And Many More Features Which Include The Following:

What Is Active Campaigns Deliverability Rating?

We had tested ActiveCampaigns deliverability on our email list. We tested it on 100 contacts on our email list, and we got the following deliverability rating:

We got a deliverability rating of 89%. This deliverability rating is really impressive amongst most deliverability ratings of other email marketing software’s. In fact it is the second best deliverability rating we had recorded in our mailing list.

The software with the highest deliverability rating we recorded is GetResponse you can check out our full review of the software by clicking here.

ActiveCampaign has over 19 years experience dealing with deliverability and maintains the highest level of deliverability. Also as the IndepthMarkets team, we are currently using ActiveCampaign and we don’t have much of an issue either than having to deal with extra charges of zapper. We like it because of its overall balanced quality over all its features. It has super powerful features that can accommodate even the biggest of businesses.

Before diving into a further and more broader look of this ActiveCampaign review let us inform you of how difficult it is to maintain the highest level of deliverability rating for any software
So that you could also see how amazing ActiveCampaign is that it has maintained such quality deliverability ratings for so long.

Why Is It Difficult To Maintain Good Deliverability Ratings?

It is really difficult to maintain good deliverability rating for email marketing software’s not only for a short while but even more difficult for the long run.

The reason why it is so difficult is because email marketing software’s like ActiveCampaign have to use different filtering technologies like Google and Bing and also different internet service providers.

Filtering technologies act as the pathways of their members mailboxes. They use up to date sophisticated machine learning algorithms to detect illegal operations and messages. What is difficult for these technologies though is that they have to continuously adapt to quick changing market conditions to maintain a high level of deliverability ratings.

Well ActiveCampaign had to deal with these fast changing market conditions for over 19 years currently since 2003 maintaining the best deliverability ratings over its competitors. It is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable email marketing software.

ActiveCampaign Pros And Cons

ActiveCampaign Customer Service

ActiveCampaigns’ customer service is among the finest in the industry. Let’s start with their Dedicated Onboarding Specialist and CXA Strategy Consultations as an example.

An Onboarding Specialist will provide tactical best practices and strategic guidance for setting up ActiveCampaign to obtain the most value for your ActiveCampaign account based on your business goals.

One of the most intriguing aspects is that once your onboarding is over, you will have exclusive access to a long-term resource — a carefully selected team of industry and subject matter experts committed to aiding you in attaining long-term success.

ActiveCampaign is so committed to their clients’ pleasure and satisfaction that they make sure they provide you with an expert for your business’s success.

ActiveCampaign domain support articles

Moreover they have myriad articles over the internet designed in a simple bulleted format to help assist their  customers with any problem they might encounter.

In addition to all the aforementioned, ActiveCampaign also has a live chat where you can get instant solutions to your problem. You can also contact their sales team with a toll free call or even  text or send messages to their sales team.

What Is ActiveCampaign Pricing?

Is ActiveCampaign Good Enough?

Yes, we believe that ActiveCampaign is  good enough for most people. It has one of the highest deliverability’s, high quality features and affordable pricings. The only downside is that you would have to pay an extra $200 if you want to use the zappier integrations. Besides that it is easy to use and understand with everything you could need. For a more in-depth look on whether or not IndepthMarkets is worth it check out  our article by clicking here.