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Build A Crazy High Converting Sales Funnel(

Build A Crazy High Converting Sales Funnel (

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Sales Funnel

How can you build a crazy high converting Sales Funnel featuring There answer is simple. Don’t get a highly experienced Sales Funnel Designer or Developer. Don’t try to copy the most complex and fanciest of Sales Funnels out there built by so called Guru’s. Building a crazy high converting sales funnel is not difficult at all. The simplest  of Sales Funnels that you personally  create, can bring you sky scraping conversion rates and increase your sales drastically. You just need to have the  right knowledge and know what you are doing.

Let us show you how, and guide you on your path of creating the crazy high converting freakishly simple Sales Funnels you’ve always wanted.



October 2020, we put a freakishly simple Sales Funnel built with to the test. We made the Sales Funnel so simple that even a total beginner would take less than half an hour to replicate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can tell me you’ve replicated the Sales Funnel in under 5 minutes.

We put it to the test for 15 days, starting from 01 October 2020 – 15 October 2020. The results were mind blowing compared to how basic  the Sales funnel looked.

We sold and made sales worth $4,191.00 in 15 days. With a commission of $838.20 coming to us for sure. Perhaps you think we had thousands of traffic which we drove to this funnel. But to surprise you even further, we managed to drive only an average of about 30 people a day to the Sales funnel.  

We will share with you the structure of this ridiculously simple Sales Funnel which we created using , explain why it works, how we could had improved it to generate more conversions and a totally FREE COURSE on us for you to build the simplest and highest converting sales funnel you’ve ever built. Sales Funnel Structure Sneak Picture

After viewing the whole structure of Funnel on for free, you are for sure starting to feel confident that its possible to make thousands without any extraordinary sales funnel designing skill. This is also what we want you to feel. Most people lose conversions before they do. They lose them with their mindset preventing them to go any further on their journey. Today we want to change that and we want you to start building some crazy high converting Sales Funnel in no time.

Build A High Converting Sales Funnel With A Curiosity Headline

For people to be interested in anything you sell in your business and buy that, they need to be interested first. This is some Kinder-garden basic logic right, yet most people fail to do this although its a super simple idea to follow. The best way to make people interested in your products and services on Sales Funnels is to put out a catchy curiosity headline which will leave your potential clients wanting to find out more about the offer you’re providing.

As you had seen we had put out a catchy curiosity headline on our simple Sales Funnel stating, “Get Yourself One Of Our Quality Headphones For Only $39.99 + A FREE MUSIC EBOOK On Us.”

This headline consists of a scratched out price of the headphones without its true price stated making the  viewers of the funnel curious on whether these headphones could possibly be really free. We then included a free offer which was a music eBook to make them more thirsty to check the landing page out for more information. This was our thirst trap for the viewers of the funnel to read more.

Never take your headlines for granted. They can be the only thing that’s stopping you from getting more conversions because there is simply no curiosity in your sales funnel.

The rule of thumb is. Don’t give the viewers everything about what the funnel is about on the headline. Make them dig for more info by themselves, by scrolling and checking out the funnel. You can include a free offer on the headline. A free offer will almost always get anyone eager to check your funnel out more.

The question you might be having right now is, ‘what if I get the attention from people but somehow, they never purchase a product?’ 

Well, before we show  you how to reduce that happening to you, let us show you how you can still make them convert even after they ignored your funnel.

Make your potential clients convert even if they do not convert on your Sales Funnel

Even if your potential clients do not convert there are more than a dozen ways to  get them back to convert after. We are going to show you one of our favourite ways to make them convert afterwards which we also showed on our sales funnel that we created with above.

What we always make sure that we do is to purchase rights of an eBook for us to give out to our potential clients. The idea of purchasing something for other people scares a lot of people. But as business people it’s an asset for us to know that, to make money we need to spend money.

We purchase rights for this eBook so that we could build an email list of these potentials clients. On our Sales Funnel created using we included an option to just get a free eBook. People gave us their emails and we sent them the eBooks  within 24 hours. While sending them the eBooks we made sure we included a bargain offer of our product in the email with the eBook. 

Even if they do not purchase as soon as we prefer. Sending them emails every second day of the products or services you offer can drive them to convert and you can make profit. And after you can say the profit came from the Sales Funnel since you got their emails from the Sales funnel. 

This is the simple idea you could use and get more creative if you want to, but making sure you get something whether its a contact number you can get back to when you want to convince your clients to purchase. This can be the most defining thing if your Sales Funnel does not convert.

Before we continue with showing you how you can create high converting Sales Funnels, here is our gift from us to you. Its a free course detailing Sales Funnels Optimization Strategies:

How to increase engagement in your Sales Funnel

There are a few ways to increase engagement in your Sales Funnel. The best way is thus far our opinion is to have visuals in your Sales funnel.

Visuals increase the potential customers desire to purchase the product. Animations can increase this desire on customers and the more the customer becomes interested, the more likely they will convert. You should always make sure that you put enough visuals on your Sales Funnel for a more professional look.

There other way to increase engagement in your Sales Funnel is to use constant colours. It is important not to play around with many different colours in your funnels. Many different colours can make your Sales Funnel look scam alike. Constant and few theme colours are best to create a high converting and engaging Sales Funnel.

How to maximize conversion or sales with your Sales funnel

As sales funnel builders we have to know how to make the most out of the few potential customers we get. We do that by using one customer to leverage our sales. Well, how can we maximize our sales then.

To maximize our sales with sales funnels we will have to use upsells and down sells. Upsells are simply a sales strategy in which a seller encourages a consumer to buy more expensive things, upgrades, or other add-ons in order to increase their income. 

While on the other hand, down sells are simply a sales strategy in which a seller encourages a consumer to buy less expensive things or other add-ons in order to increase their income. The overall goal with upsells and down sells is to acquire more profit out of one customer, client or consumer .

With upsells and down sells in your sales funnel you can leverage the small income you could  had been making. You simply sell the customer that has purchased a product a more expensive or a less expensive product. This way you will maximize the money you will be making from your funnels.

Its is also crucial to add upsells and down sells when advertising your products or services on your email list.

Improvements We Could Had Made On Our Highly Converting Sales Funnel

It is no doubt that the Sales Funnel we used is super basic although it managed to sell out $4,191.00 worth of sales in 15 days. There are a couple few things we could had changed to make it more converting.

One thing we definitely could had improved is to put more deadlines. We could had put more deadlines also on our upsells and down sells. Deadlines are very beneficial on Sales Funnels because they make your potential customer to feel the need to make an urgent purchase, thus that increase your conversion rate with your Sales funnel.

We could had also added a few animations and made our headline not only catchy but more good looking and professional as well. But the goal for us showing you this Sales Funnel is not to show you a perfect and most sophisticated funnel, but to show you what can work for you no matter how simple.

Which Sales Funnel Builder do we recommend?

We are assuming you are not a highly classified professional Sales Funnel builder. You are an average sales funnel builder with a few years of experience or a beginner. We have two software’s which we would like to recommend to you which are incredibly simple to use and have all the features you would need to run a full functioning Sales Funnel and an online business as a whole.

We would like to first recommend is a multi functional software that consists of every feature a business can need. It consists of a 95% rating score of Sales Funnel Builder, 97% rating of email auto responder, 90% rating of a website builder, 95% score of online course creation and a 99% automation score. You can get a full review of at the link below:


Or get your self a free account here:

Another software we recommend is Groovefunnels.(You want know whether Groove funnels is a good investment? Press here to read our in-depth article answering that question) It is a great platform which is also multifunctional and consists of myriad amounts of features you would ever need for your business. You can view Groovefunnels from the link below:


Clickfunnels is also a great multifunctional software in which we recommend. But most of the time we recommend Clickfunnels when you are at the highest level of Sales Funnel building. 

Overall Summary Of How To Build A Crazy High Converting Sales Funnel

  1. Create a curiosity headline on your landing page of your Sales funnel. You can add a free product for them on the headlines to feed your potential customers interest
  2. Use a lead magnet such as a free eBook to capture the potential clients information. Get back to the client every second day and advertise different products of interest to the client in hope for the client to purchase something.
  3. Increase engagement on your Sales Funnel by using constant and few theme colours. Add animations and more visuals in your Sales Funnel. 
  4. Create upsells and down sells to maximize your profits

We, as the indepthmarkets team. We wish you the best of sales online. All the best to your success!

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