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Systeme io Review 2022-Features, Pricing and what you should know before signing up

You’re probably looking for an all in one marketing software for you business and you came across

You are probably wondering if is worth it? and how are they different from their alternatives. And most of the people are confused whether to switch to or not

In this review I will answer all of those questions and review their pricing, features and compare them to those of their alternatives like GrooveFunnels.

What is

Systeme io is an all-in-one marketing software that has innovative tools to help businesses get more leads (using Sales Funnels), get high conversion rate (using Email Marketing), Sell digital products, create webinars & Courses, build websites and Blogging etc.

If your business needs one of the above services or tools, then get all of them combined into one software here for free

Systeme .io can also be regarded as a sales funnel builder because I think it’s popular these days that businesses uses Sales funnels to get more leads and increase their profits with minimum effort by just building a sales funnel and drive traffic to it. Features

Understanding all the features that has will make you conclude if is for you or not. Features

All of these tools are available on the Free Plan besides the Evergreen Webinars

Understanding all the features that has will make you conclude if is for you or not.

What I noticed with features are that they are very simple and easy to use so no need for tech or design background as there are also custom templates made for everything.

Using a new marketing software can be confusing sometimes as you will not know how to use the features on the software ,but the good thing is that has tutorials that teaches users on how to use any of the feature that they have .

And one thing that I love about their features is that most of them are on the Free Plan of which is something rare to find

Now let’s review the feature of this software,

Here are features Review

1. Sales Funnel Builder Sales Funnel Builder

Who needs a marketing software that you can’t use it to create a Sales funnel? allows you to create sales funnel even on their Free Plan.

Here is everything you can do with funnel builder

1.1 Landing Pages

1.2 Opt-ins

1.3 Sales Pages

1.4 Webinars

1.5 Misc Sales Funnel Builder

0% Page Builder Sales Funnel Builder is the engine of this software as almost everything is built on it. funnel builder makes everything super simple and easy to do. This feature is said to be replacing software’s like, ClickFunnels, Leadpages and Builderall.

If you remember, I said most of the features on are also available on their Free Plan

2. Email Marketing (Autoresponder)


Email marketing is a powerful digital technique that includes sending emails to prospects and customers.

Doing email marketing allows you to communicate with your audience and send them promotional messages and doing this allows you to convert prospects into customers and one-time buyers into faithful fans. is not just a Sales Funnel builder software, it also allows you to do automated email marketing.

All I can say is that this email marketing feature is like having Mailchimp , Aweber inside of . Perfect right?

Let’s review email marketing

2.1 Statistics Dashboard Autoresponder statistics dashboard is awesome, and I think it will help a lot of business to maximise  profits on their email lists as you will be able to track bounced, spam report on each email opened and that will allow you to improve the quality of emails you are sending to your audience.

This also allows you to know which type of emails that get high open and click rate so that you know which type of emails are likely to get a high open rate in future. email autoresponder  allows users to  send unlimited emails to their contacts  even on the free account and .So this feature will allow you to save monthly subscription from these email marketing software’s because has an autoresponder in their plan.

Now that I have reviewed email you can decide based on it’s features and compare it to the one you are currently using. And compare them very careful and choose the one that will not limit your potential to maximise your sales.

Find indepth review of systeme io Email Autoresponder

And by the way if you don’t want email marketing then you can easily integrate to it using Zapier, so you can easily connect your pages from to the email Autoresponder of your choice.

For example, if you are using Moosend as you email marketing software then you can connect it to your opt-in page designed on and when your prospect sign up to it then their details will be on Moosend. Email Autoresponder

Email Marketing on systeme io

3.Website Builder

With you can easily create websites with their drag and drop editor

systeme io website builder

If you are not good with designing websites, system io has made it easier for you as they have already made website templates, you just need to edit them and get you domain name connected easily.

You can integrate your email list, payment system and membership site to your website. So, this will make it easy for you to accept payments if you are selling something on your website.

Using this builder, you can easily create and add a blog just like on WordPress, but an advanced WordPress, and deliver your content to your audience


4.Create online courses

Without any technical knowledge, you can create your course website in minutes, control your membership sites and manage your students’ access.

This feature replaces what Kajabi can do. And again, no need for tech background, has got you covered with already made templates and you can get your course online fast and start selling

Systeme io course creator

What I like about creating membership site on is that you can create it even if you are on the free plan and the good thing is that you are not limited to the number of membership members (Unlimited) – This is a no brainer right?


Sign up here to create your first Membership Site for Free.



The Marketing Automation allows you to put your business on auto pilot.

This is what Automation allows you to do has many marketing tools  hence it is an all-in-one software. Having will allow you to save monthly subscriptions from other software’s as you can get them under one roof, pricing.



If you are a fan of writing blog post , you can rank your blogs on Google even if you do not have a domain name. Pricing Review

Systeme io Pricing

Here are the pricing plans for Free Plan

To be honest, the features that are on the free plan are more than enough to run an online business.

  • Email Contacts = 2000 contacts
  • Sales Funnel =3
  • Email sent = Unlimited
  • Blogs       = 1
  • Blog Posts =Unlimited
  • Membership site =1
  • Membership Members = Unlimited
  • Email Campaigns =1
  • 1-Click Upsell = 1
  • Coupon Codes =1
  •  Order Bumps and Tags =1
  • File Storage =Unlimited

These are not the only tools you get on the free plan but these are the one that I think are important.

The  Free Plan has almost every tool that offers but you cannot rely on it as most of the features are limited , like the email subscribers on your list are limited to 2000 .

Start up - $27/month

The Start Up plan has all the tools that you get on the free plan but on this plan you are given a freedom to use the marketing tools as they are not limited as on the Free plan.

I would recommend this plan if you are just testing

The limit for email contacts is extended to 5000 and and up to 10 Sales Funnel.

Webinar- $47/month

The marketing tools on the Webinar Package are the same as the ones on  the Free Account and Start up but here the is an addition of Webinar creation as the previous plans  you can’t create webinars

If you want to get the taste of this is the right plan for you .

In this plan you have up to 10 000 email contacts , and create up to 50 sales funnels , 10 Evergreen Webinars , 100  1-click upsells .

The only reason that one might want to upgrade from this plan for  the Enterprise  package would be that they have many businesses relying on . 

This package I would compare it the $99/m plan from Kartra and even better 

Because on Kartra you can have up to 2500 email contacts and only 3 webinars for $99/m. This Webinar plan is a no brainer compared to what other sales funnel builder are charging.


All I can say is that this is the plan that makes the best Sales funnel builder and competitive against other software .

On the Enterprise plan everything is UNLIMITED besides the number of email contacts one can have.

  • Sales Funnel = Unlimited
  • Membership sites =Unlimited
  • Email Campaigns = Unlimited

I hope you get the idea 🙂

You might be confused on which pricing plan is the best for you or which pricing plan has the marketing tools you need 

Systeme io has a pricing table which list all the features that you get on different price plans : Systeme io Pricing Table

Is Worth it?

You might be wondering if signing up on is worth it or not and the answer to that is YES based on my experience with the software.

Besides that, the software is an all in one, is inexpensive compared to what it’s alternatives like Clickfunnels are charging. What I can tell you is that the best thing that I ever done this year was to move to and it really paid of as you get enough freedom in terms of using the features.

If you are still confused I think comparing pricing to it’s features will help you make the right decision

If you are thinking of taking the $99/m starter plan on Kartra, my advice is just sign up for the $47/m on it is far better with more features.

So based on pricing and the features each plan has, wins this one for me. Alternatives

Here are the alternatives of

  • Kartra
  • GrooveFunnels
  • ClickFunnels Vs Kartra

Kartra vs

Kartra is also an all-in-one software just like and they have been in the game for since 2018

Kartra pricing plan starts at $99/m and their Platinum plan is $499/m.

Kartra is very expensive compared to considering that their price plan starts at $99/m while as on their expensive plan is $97 .

With Kartra starter plan you are limited up to 2500 email contacts, and you are also limited to the number of membership site and other features that are unlimited on the $97/m plan of

If you are thinking of taking the $99/m starter plan on Kartra, my advice is just sign up for the $47/m on it is far better with more features.

So based on pricing and the features each plan has, wins this one for me

Create a Free Account now and Upgrade Later. vs Groovefunnels and Groove are almost at the same level considering that Groovefunnels has some bugs.

Groovefunnels is also an all-in-one Sales Funnel Builder software. Groove funnels has more features than and they have a free Lifetime Account but with limited features. Their paid plans start from $99/m -$299/m.

Just like kartra their lowest plan Is more than highest paid plan.

I think both Groovefunnels and have reasonably pricing plans. vs ClickFunnels

I must say that Clickfunnels is one of the best trusted sales funnel builder. They have been in the game for so long and very popular with powerful Marketing Tools.

My tip to you is that, if you can afford Click Funnels and you have no issue just stay with them.

But comparing to Clickfunnels based on the number of features each software has, then is the one.

Their pricing plan starts at $97/m and the expensive is $2,497/m

If you want a Sales Funnel Builder with a lot of experience, I recommend Clickfunnels

But if you want an all-in-one sales funnel builder that is affordable with the right marketing tools then Systeme io is the right option

What is Systeme IO used for?

Here are all the things you can do with 

  1. Create Online Courses- Systeme io allows you to build your course site in minutes and start selling right away (similar to Teachable, Thinkific )
  2. Create Sales Funnel- Tired of using sales funnel builders that are clunky, frustrating, and expensive? is the answer, it is the easiest sales funnel builder you can ever use.(Similar to Clickfunnels, Kartra )
  3. Send Marketing Emails –You can also use systeme io to send unlimited emails to all of your contacts and set up automated email sequences (Just like MailChimp)

4. Build Websites — Syteme io has a website builder similar to WordPress that you can use to create websites.

5. Manage Your Affiliates -You are selling a product? Let affiliates promote your products with (which includes a powerful dashboard)

6. Create Many types of Landing Pages

Is Systeme IO free forever? has a Free plan which is free forever and there is no credit card required to sign up for it. But the free Plan has limited features so if you want to access features with more freedom then you can upgrade but still, the Free Plan is good for just getting started

Can you create a website with Systeme io?

Creating a website, landing page and sales funnel is possible on Systeme io since they have a website builder feature similar to WordPress.

If you are not an expert in creating a website, don’t worry they will give you already made website templates that you can just edit.

How do I create a Systeme IO blog?

  1. Go to “Blog” on the menu and click on “Create a Blog”
  2. On the next page you must enter the name of your blog, the blog domain you wish to give it, and its URL address, and select a template from the list of options by clicking “Select template” on the popup that appears before hitting the “Create” button to start a new blog.

3. You will be given an option to start a Blog from scratch or just edit one of many blog templates that are on OR you can even try both for experimental purposes

4. After this step then it’s straightforward you can just type your text, insert your image e.t.c and Publish it.You will also have a poweful statistic dashboard that shows how your blogs are performing, e.g number of clicks

Conclusion is a very good marketing software to run a successful online business.

Who should join

If you are happy with the Marketing software you are currently using, then don’t sign up with

The fact that you are reading this review tells me that you are doubting the current software you are using, or you want to change it, so just get Free Account and upgrade later.

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