Indepth Markets Full Features Review (Funnels, Blogs, Automation, Email) Full Features Review (Funnels, Blogs, Automation, Email)

What Is is a suite of software application that provides services such as sales funnel building, landing page building, email autoresponders, affiliate tracking, automations, a products/sales management services, webinars and a lot more. 

All these features are integrated into one multifunctional application which gives you everything you need to market and sell your products or services online.

Who Is The Founder Of was founded by a French internet marketer Aurelien Amacker. He also teaches internet marketing. Since Aurelien was doing internet marketing  as a career he decided to build a software which would have the tools he would need to have an advantage in his internet marketing career.

He slowly built the software using the help of a Russian engineer from Upwork until he had been satisfied  with all the features he needed. He then launched to the world.

Many people who initially used were French since he taught internet marketing to French students. But as time went on he focussed on English speaking people, as well as other languages such as Espanyol, Italiano, Portuguese ,Deutsch and a few other languages.

In conclusion, Aurelien Ammacker is the founder of Dashboard Review Dashboard Review consists of a dashboard tab. The dashboard tab consists of 3 subtabs. The main dashboard which is shown on the image above. The affiliate dashboard and lastly the marketplace tab.

Lets us differentiate to you on how the dashboard subtab differ and how the features work.

The main dashboard as the image shows, it  is where you will be getting your leads as well as sales data indicated for a 30 day period by default. also provides a filter where by  you can filter out whether you would like to see a last 30 day view, this month, last month or a last 3 months view as shown on the image on the right.

To be more convenient, also put out a date filter where you can filter out how you want to see your data for as any far backwards you would prefer by choosing the dates indicated on the first arrow.

arrow dashboard main
affiliate dashboard

Moving on to the affiliate dashboard. This dashboard also displays the collection of your affiliate data. It has your affiliate ID and your link to promote

It has a graph where you can choose to filter how you want to view your affiliate income. You can choose from any range of dates you would like.

It also displays your leads which helps in tracking your best conversions with time and to discover what worked and what did not work. 

This tab shows you your customer count, conversion rate and your retention rate(Retention rate is simply how long your customers are willing to continue paying a recurring amount for what you’re promoting). 

This helps you figure out when it will be on demand for you to promote to more people, what to expect in the long run with your affiliate income etc.).

It also has a subtab which shows the total income made by the vendor which is so that you know what to expect to earn.

The best thing about becoming a affiliate marketer is that you earn 40% affiliate commission recurring income per customer under your name that has chosen a plan. 

There is also a 5% affiliate commission for second tier affiliate marketers which is super exciting because you never work to earn the 5% recurring affiliate commission each month.

Unlike Clickfunnels where you need to have a paid membership to promote the funnel platform, with you can start promoting right away with a free account. Get your free account below:

affiliate marketplace takes a further step than any other funnel builder you had ever encountered. They have a subtab of an affiliate marketplace.

Here you can see a variety of programs/software’s/products/services to promote. It displays on the first row how much commission you can get and then the second row with how much a second tier affiliate gets. 

When you access affiliate programs in the header it will show you the programs from the highest paying to the least paying. This way you will know which program to choose relating to your preference or your promoting style.

The best thing is that, you can also sell your program at your marketplace and allow people to promote it for you as affiliates. Therefore you can make money as an affiliate marketer for, for other people and sell your services for people to promote them. 

We will show you how you can sell your own offers on the upcoming tab reviews. Contact Page Review contact page

The contact page is one of our favourite features  of You can have all your contact list here. You can create contacts , add imports and filter and save the filters. 

And what’s best is that there are myriad of different ways in which you can group and filter out your contacts. It would be best to checkout this feature by yourself because its simply amazing.

The other great thing about the features under this page is that you can tag your contacts. Tags are very useful segment your contacts. This is done for example when you put out a blue tag for contacts from your subscribers and a different tag for contacts from your customers. 

This helps with clarity and for you to be able to pick out which contacts to reach out to for what reason also. They also included filter so that it could be easy to filter out people grouped from a certain type of tag. Now isn’t that amazing? Which other platform does that this conveniently. Funnel Page Review sales funnel has one of the simplest funnel building pages. As soon as you open the funnel page on the menu. It reveals a very simplistic page which anyone would understand. It has ‘filter’ and ‘create’ as one of the first words you would see.

‘Filter’ will allow you to organise the funnels you had already created which are displayed with their titles as soon as you would enter the funnel page. Then it has ‘create’ which sends you to the page above. 

But firstly you would need to choose whether you want a sales funnel which is custom, or where you would be building an audience, or where you will be selling something or where you’ll be running an evergreen webinar.

Moving on to the funnel page after you’ve chosen what type of funnel you want for the page, you can easily add steps which you would like your sales funnel to have. You will just press ‘create step’ and the software will show you a variety  of pages you can create your sales funnel to have.

These pages are squeeze pages, thank you pages, down sell pages etc. In any page you choose to edit, there are myriad of templates you can choose from and edit your content, hence it can take only a few minutes to create your funnel. There is also an empty page template where you can create and design the page you want from scratch.

Funnel Builder Overall Functionality

Funnel Builder
0% Email Page Review email page review’s email page is divided into three subtabs. The newsletters, campaigns and statistics.

Lets talk about what you can do in the newsletter page. You can send newsletter manually to your contacts or subscribers. You can also send them in your campaign. 

The  newsletter page is also created super easy because as soon as you enter the page the first words you see are ‘filter’ and ‘create a newsletter’. The newsletter feature is also quite easy to use.

As soon as you press ‘create newsletter’ it will show you a pop up where you write your subject. has also made sure of an interesting thing. Their system closely monitors the emails you send. 

The velocity of email delivery will be throttled until you have sent 500 emails. This allows us to prevent spammers from using their platform and is in the best interest of all their users. I’m sure this is exciting to hear because not many software’s do this.

With this feature you can choose the kind of style in which you would like to write your newsletter as well as choose whether you would prefer a visual or a classic editor for you newsletter. It is very easy to know where to press and go ahead using the software. campaigns

With the email campaign page its also pretty simple and obvious to use. You can press ‘create campaign’ as soon as you enter the page, then name your campaign how you want, then add emails to your campaign. 

There is also an interesting feature for the email campaign where by you can delay an email since the previous email was sent to the contact.

Moving on to the statistics page. drafts your data according to the number of emails sent, average percentage of emails opened, average percentage of spam reports per opened email and average percentage of bounced emails. You can also view the day in however way you would prefer by filtering the dates.

Email Autoresponder Functionality Rating

Email Autoresponder

Systeme io Blog Page blog page

The blog page feature is  relatively simple to use to and requires zero time to learn how to use it. As soon as you enter the page it consists of ‘create blog’ button. As soon as you press it the screen above will be displayed. 

After a few clicks which should should take you less than 15 seconds, you would be redirected to another page. From that page it will show you a pre-created pages for your blog. You can edit them easily.

What we like the most about blog feature is that it uses a drag and drop feature which makes super simple to use and your blog would be up and running in a few minutes blog

Overall Functionality Rating Of Website Builder

Website Builder
0% Automations automation rules

The automations page consist of two subtabs. The ‘rules’ and the ‘workflows’. has designed the automation rules page. This page was created to help the users to add rules to automate their businesses, meaning when a contact opts into a particular form you can tag them and with a certain tag and then add them to an email campaign. 

This is how convenient and perfectly well thought out is.

Moving on to the workflow feature.

The workflow feature is another wonderful feature created by You can create different step which you would like your contacts to follow. 

You can add an ‘action’ step where you would send your contacts to either subscribe, to a campaign, to tag them etc. The options are listed after in every step and is very easy to see where to go next. 

As shown on the image you can choose the ‘delay’ step or the ‘decision’ step. workflows

Overall Functionality Of The Automation Feature

0% Product and Sales Page

In this page has put out 10 different subtabs which makes sure you will get the most out  of the products you offer and the sales you want to make for your business. has created this feature to make it easy to create and add products. You can add a product’s vat to go with the product. also makes sure the date in which you added the product is also displayed for tracking or research purposes for yourself in future.

In this feature it is also pretty easy to understand or know where to press to use this feature efficiently. physical products Coupons

The coupon feature is a must have program you need for your business. It allows you to add coupon codes for your customers. 

You can add any type of discount your customers would like to have whether is a fixed amount of a percentage. You can also set expiration dates for it and limit your coupon code on how many times it may be used.

This page is a straight forward page as which is super easy to create coupon codes in.

In this page you can track and view your orders. You can choose to view fulfilled orders or unfulfilled orders. You can filter and view the orders from different products which you had created in your product and sales feature.

Its also very straight forward and simple to use. Orders transactions has created this feature to make it easy to track transactions. You can choose how to filter your transaction in many ways as displayed on the image.

It is super simple and straight forward to track your transactions.

The subscription feature was designed so that you can have an in-depth view on your subscribers. You can be able to filter out how you you want to view your subscriptions in terms of price plan, their status and even a direct search of their email addresses.

Its super simple and easy to use this page. subscriptions affiliate invoices

In this feature you can view and track your affiliate invoices. It is very convenient when you want to  filter out how to view your data. You can filter using dates, status, currencies and payment method.

Everything is straight forward and simple about this feature.

This Course feature is one of our favourite features with Not only that it allows you to create and have top tier management to your courses. 

You also have an option where you can use HTML or Java Script codes to code the footer of your courses. This way you can add all your social media details you would want.  

Moreover, it requires zero coding and skill to be able to add a URL to the buy button. It does not even require you to drag and drop or edit the URL in the buy button. 

It does that for you. And the other super interesting thing is that, you can select one of your pre-made funnels for your leads in your course where there would be  upsells and down sells which will help drastically to increase your sales. Courses

If you want an in-depth tutorial on how to increase sales in your business checkout this article:

This feature is also simple to use since the first button you would spot when you access the page it is “Add a new course“. Then from there on it is easy to navigate your way forward. Course Bundle

Well this an amazing additional feature adding on to the course feature. It is also a great opportunity to increase your sales since you would provide a combination of multiple courses for your client for a lower sum total amount of them which would  lead to more purchases thus more sales and profits.

This feature is also  super simple to use and follow.

This feature is super simple and easy to use. You can filter out and view your students according to the courses they had partook. Student my affiliate program

With the affiliate program dashboard feature, you can have an overview of your program sales, leads and commissions. Is has a filter feature to be able to view the data with affiliate email addresses , affiliate ID’s and dates.

This feature is also super simple to follow and use.

Overall Functionality Rating Of The Online Course Creation Feature

Online Course Creation

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    Потом, сообразив, что сами
    могут подвергнуться таким же обидам, и дабы избегнуть подобного зла, они пришли к созданию законов и установлению наказаний для их нарушителей.
    Так возникло понимание справедливости.
    Вследствие этого, выбирая теперь
    государя, люди отдавали предпочтение уже не самому отважному, а наиболее рассудительному и справедливому.
    Как продавать через интернет: идеи

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