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Is Sendinblue Worth It? (Review, Pricing, Features)

Is Sendinblue Worth It? (Review, Pricing, Features)

Sendinblue home page

We recognize that there are several email marketing software’s available, all eager to demonstrate that they are the finest in the business. So figuring out what works and what is ideal for you might be difficult. It is really stressful for everyone to eventually make the decision to acquire a tool.

We try to make things as simple as possible for you. We’ve utilized a variety of email marketing tools software at IndepthMarkets, and we’re well-versed in the field. We will walk you through all you need to know about Sendinblue.

We’ll walk you through exactly what to look for when buying an email marketing tool. We will also explain why each of them is significant and how they might effect your business’s online success. Not only that, but we will expose everything, both the good and the bad of the program, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Since we also have months of experience with Sendinblue we will tell you how our experience was. What we loved and disliked. We also have clients who use Sendinblue who we surveyed in order for you to get a broad picture and know exactly what to expect with Sendinblue. 

We asked them to rate their experience with the program on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. We then summarized their reviews and we will be giving you the summary so that you would know whether Sendinblue is worth it or not.

We will educate you about Sendinblue pricing as well as the features you may expect from them. We will detail the plan we recommend for you and why we believe you should have it. We will then make a decision for you based on the thoughts of our modest teams on whether Sendinblue is worth it or not. We shall also explain why we believe what we believe.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

What To Look For In Sendinblue To Know If It Is Worth It?

So, there are six things that everyone should consider before acquiring or enrolling in an email marketing software package. As previously said, knowing these six factors may help your business succeed. As a matter of fact  lets display these 6 factors. Here are the following aspects to consider before considering using Sendinblue as your internet marketing tool:

We meticulously observed the aforementioned factors and discovered a few interesting facts that you should absolutely know about. So, let’s get started with Sendinblue customer support.

Sendinblue Customer Support?

Customer support when choosing a software is really vital. This is because with a poor customer support it would be difficult to get the assistance you would need when you get stuck while using the software. That’s why we want to make it crystal clear on how their customer support is and also how it compares in our standard since we have much experience of multiple different other email marketing tools.

Now lets go ahead and rate their customer support out of 100% and tell you why we are giving them such a rating:

Customer Support Rating
Poor Perfect

We are giving Sendinblue customer support 80%.  It is a fairly decent and good rating because they have myriad articles designed to help you out in almost every topic you might need. You can access the articles by searching for a question on your search engine or you can access their website which is and press the menu button, then under the resource tab there will be a help centre tab that you can click and access many articles designed to cater for your questions.

There is also a search bar that makes the searching process much more easier. What we like the most about the articles in their help centre is that their articles are easy to follow step by step guides which are bulleted. This makes it easier for the eyes to consume and follow the content. We therefore give Sendinblue a round of applause for that.

You can also email them your burning questions on their site and they will reply to you within 24 hours. One other interesting thing is that they have a Sendinblue academy designed to serve the  highest quality of email marketing knowledge. Their team of experts had joined their intellectual minds to provide you with the best information and trending strategies for email marketing. 

They have 4 hours worth of video content , myriad videos and expert tips. The most jaw dropping thing is that this all free and you can access it 24/7. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to take  your email marketing skills to the next level. Get your free Sendinblue account by pressing below:

However, as much as Sendinblue is exciting and has a fairly good customer support we have to say that we were disappointed that they don’t have a live chat. Live chats save a lot of time since you can get the answers you need quite quickly. And GetResponse is one of the other email marketing tools that have a live chat dedicated to the customers 24/7. You can get our full GetResponse review by clicking here. Besides that we find everything about the customer support pretty decent.

Now lets move on to look at the other aspects on our factor list which is Sendinblue deliverability rating.

SendinBlue Deliverability

Sendinblue Email Deliverability

Same as with the customer support, deliverability ratings are at the top list of the most important things that will help you to decide on whether Sendinblue is worth it or not. This is because if you have an email marketing software that has a very poor deliverability rating it will really hamper your success.

With a poor deliverability rating your emails that you send out to your subscribers or clients; they will simply bounce back or end up in the junk or spam folders of your clients.  When the emails end up in the spam or junk folder of your subscribers there are very slim chances, they will open your email. If no one opens your email, no one will get any message you’re trying to send out or you would make no sales if you’re profit driven.

The best way to counter this is to look for a top tier email marketing tools deliverability rating. We had made this easy for you here at IndepthMarkets. We had tested the deliverability rating of Sendinblue on our email list to make it easy for you to know what to expect. And we will rate this on our past experience on whether it is good or bad.

But first we need to first inform you on what affects deliverability ratings so that you can know how difficult it is for an email marketing tool software to be successful 100% of the times.

Many things impact email deliverability, including having a strong sending reputation, signing your message, keeping clean lists, providing desirable content, and many more. To ensure that your emails reach the inbox, you should follow certain common email deliverability best practices. These might include sending emails only to your subscriber and not spamming people.

It is reliant on the filtering technologies of mailbox providers (such as Google and Microsoft) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, GMX, and Orange. Mailbox providers and Internet service providers (ISPs) function as gatekeepers for their members’ mailboxes, using strong machine learning algorithms to detect unlawful activities and unwanted email. Therefore it is really difficult to maintain high quality deliverability.

Like we said, we tested Sendinblue deliverability rating on our email list and we found the rating below:

Deliverability Rating

We got a deliverability rating of 87 percent when we sent out emails to our subscribers. This deliverability rating is not  the highest we had tested. However, we have to say that it is pretty good since there is not much significant difference between Sendinblue deliverability rating from other leading email deliverability of GetResponse we tested here and the deliverability of ActiveCampaign we tested here.

We only ran the test once and since the deliverability always fluctuates with each email you send out, we don’t know how well it would perform the second time, perhaps it might be better or worse.

Sendinblue Features

Sendinblue consist of every feature you can need on your marketing expertise. The main features displayed above are shown in much more detail on Create your free account by clicking here and browse for the vast features detailed for each price comparison.

Sendinblue Pricing


$0 / month(Getting started with Sendinblue)
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Up to 300 emails per day
  • Chat (1 user)


$25 / month(Perfect for new marketers)
  • No daily sending limit
  • Email support
  • Lite+ add-on: A/B testing, remove Sendinblue logo, advanced statistics


$65 / month(Best solution for marketing pros)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing pages
  • Multi-user access
  • Telephone Support


For marketers who need more
  • Custom volume of emails
  • Priority sending
  • 20+ landing pages
  • Access for 10+ users
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Customer success manager
  • Priority support
  • And more...

Take note that the Sendinblue features from each plan keep on adding to the previous plans going to the right and to get an idea of how many features you can get for each plan, continue reading the article or create a free Sendinblue account above and browse for all the features. In addition, Premium plan above is the most popular plan used by most people.

Which Sendinblue Plan Do We Recommend And Why?

We took an in-depth look at all plans provided by Sendinblue. It is a fact that no plan is better than the enterprise plan. But which plan do we recommend for the majority of people since not everyone has a super large business? So we took into consideration not only the price, but we looked at the features that an average successful business would need.

We therefore, concluded that the premium plan is the plan we recommend for  the majority of people who are looking to use Sendinblue. This is because Sendinblue premium plan has almost every single feature an average business would need which include the following:

Marketing Sendinblue features for the premium plan:

Contact Management feature of Sendinblue

Transactional Platform feature of Sendinblue

Marketing Automation feature of Sendinblue

Reporting feature of Sendinblue

Support & Integrations feature of Sendinblue

As displayed above the Sendinblue premium plan has almost every feature a marketing business may need. What we like best is  that the prices are very affordable compared to other software prices. This  allows internet marketers to reach the levels they want to reach without paying a lot. That’s why we are recommending this price plan to you. Other software platforms can easy charge over $100 for these kind of features.

Therefore go ahead and seize this opportunity by pressing the call to action below and get yourself a Sendinblue account that suits you best.

Get Yourself A Sendinblue Account

Get an advantage on your marketing by getting a marketing specialised too based software right now. Click the button below and seize this opportunity.

Sendinblue Free AccountSendinblue Upgrade

Is Sendiblue Easy To Use?(Difficulty Level Of Using Sendinblue?)

Difficulty Level
Difficult Easy

We have got to say that Sendinblue is one of the simplest marketing tool software. We had no problem understanding how to use their tools. This could be because of our experience with the other software’s. But while also putting that aside we strongly believe it wont be a hustle for even a beginner to understand and grasp how to use a software. It is fairly easy than other software’s we had used.

Design Of Sendinblue(How Good Is It?)

Design Rating
Poor Perfect

Well, let us tell you what we liked the most in the design. We liked the fact that there are still websites who use animations. As soon as you enter their site you will see an awesome animation that will keep you engaged. When you close the browser and revisit the site again, you will see a different animation from the previous one. 

We found that to be really cool. This is also a sign that their developers really tried their best to make this an awesome and cool site. 

However as much as we are really impressed with the Sendinblue website, we believe that some tools can be improved like the drag and drop feature but overall we believe that Sendinblue will be something special in the coming few years as they had really worked hard on their design.

What Do People Think About Sendinblue? (Our Clients)


We surveyed 160 people from our contact list who use and had used Sendinblue. We asked them to rate the software out of 5 stars. And surprisingly we got an average of 4.8 stars for Sendinblue overall rating which we did not expect much since we know there are bigger and tougher competitors to Sendinblue out there. 

The most common thing our clients liked was the customer support which solves their problems quickly within 24 hours. there other common aspect was that they have high response and open rates. This reflect back on the deliverability rate we talked about that its really good.

There issue for the other minority who disliked Sendinblue was because they did not help out when the pandemic started when they asked Sendinblue to stop deducting monthly payments.  But overall the rating is pretty good meaning there is a high chance of you being satisfied with the platform.

We were also satisfied with the service and everything from Sendinblue but as our business grew, we started to need unique features which are available in only a selected few software’s.

Is Sendinblue Worth It?

Yes, Sendinblue is worth it because it has a very decent customer service to assist you during your difficulties. It has an academy that has 4 hours worth of content designed by their experts to  help you strive and be knowledgeable of the latest marketing strategies and trends. It has a really good deliverability rating of 87% which means the majority of your emails will reach your subscribers.

It has all the features small and large businesses would need. This is provided on very affordable prices compared to other email tool software’s. Sendinblue is fairly simple to use meaning you can save much more time learning to use the software. Their design for the website looks awesome and has animations that can keep you engaged and entertained which shows some real effort the developers put out to produce the software.

Our clients gave it an overall rating of 4.8 stars meaning the software is really good overall. Therefore Sendinblue is worth it and the best thing to do is to seize an opportunity when you see one. Press the button below and get yourself a Sendinblue account and start producing those sales we know you need.

For a guide that will teach you how to multiply sales in your business click here. You will know two methods in which the most successful businesses use to multiply their sales even with less traffic or customers. 

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    Сложив руки за спиной, он вынужден хватать
    еду губами и зубами. Когда же время изоляции и бойкота проходит, то разбивается вся посуда,
    до которой дотрагивался такой человек, и уничтожается вся его одежда.
    если ничего не радует

  32. Испытываемое в младенческом возрасте единение собственного
    Я человека с окружающим миром имеет дальнейшее влияние и на взрослую жизнь.
    Оно проявляется в особом религиозном
    переживании некоторыми людьми так называемого чувства вечности, неотделимости от
    целого. Почему я потеряла интерес к жизни?

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